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How to Select a Self Priming Pump

  1. How to Compute The Total Dynamic Head
  2. How to Compute the Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
  3. Selecting the Correct Pump with a Performance Curve
  4. Selecting the Correct Motor

Self-Priming Pumps or Standard Centrifugal?

Self Priming Pumps are different from standard centrifugal pumps because they have a water reservoir built into the unit which enables them to rid the pump and suction line of air by recirculating water within the pump on the priming cycle.

The reservoir may be above the impelleror in front of the impeller.
Self Priming Pumps Reservoir Above the ImpellerSelf Priming Pump Reservoir in front of the Impeller

How do Self-Priming Pumps Work?

During the priming cycle, air enters the pump and mixes with water at the impeller. Water and air are discharged together by centrifugal action of the impeller into the water reservoir.

Once in the reservoir, the air and water mixture slows down from its former velocity, allowing air to escape out of the discharge. Air-free water, now heavier than air-laden water, flows by gravity back down into the impeller chamber, ready to mix with more air coming in the suction line.

Once all air has been evacuated and a vacuum created in the suction line, atmospheric pressure forces water up into the suction line to the impeller and pumping begins.

Re-circulation of water within the pump stops when pumping begins.




Self Priming Pump Priming ImageSelf Priming Pumps pumpingSelf Priming Pumps at Rest

Questions on Self-Priming Pumps? 

Self Priming Pumps require very little attention, resulting in significant savings of maintenance time and money and making them a sensible solution for industrial and municipal applications.

Gorman-Rupp self-priming centrifugal pumps are easy to install and service. Since they are self-priming, the can be mounted high and dry at the floor level with only the suction line in the liquid – there is never a need for personnel to enter the sump. When service or maintenance is required, it can be completed easily with common hand tools. There are no log drive shafts to install and align an no hoists or cranes required.

Gorman Rupp self priming pumps are available as basic units for connection to your power source or may be flex-coupled, v-belt driven or engine mounted.

These pumps are interchangeable with Cornell Self Priming Pumps, Pioneer Self Priming Pumps,Weir Self Priming Pump, Goulds Xylem Self Priming Pumps

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Self Priming Pumps – Introduction

Self Priming Pumps – Failure to Prime

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