SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pump Hog-Feed System Optimizes Feed Quality

SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps Keep Hogs Fed and Healthy

The Challenge: The Customer Needed a Low Shear Solution to Keep Hog Feed Intact

The customer runs a hog-feeding facility in rural Saskatchewan, where a feed consisting of milk fats, proteins, and vitamins are pumped to 100 separate feed stations throughout the facility for piglets. The primary concern was feed integrity—ensuring the feed (with its limited shelf life) is delivered to the piglets without the milk proteins and fats separating. If the feed integrity is affected, there’s no guarantee that each piglet would get the appropriate nutrients they need, and their health would suffer.

In short, the customer needed a pump solution with low shear to keep the feed intact and high flow to ensure dependable delivery to the various feed stations without any delays. With the short shelf life of the feed, any delays in the line could affect the quality of the feed and result in increased wastage.

The Solution: Low-Shear Progressive Cavity Pumps with Variable Flow Controls

Our application expert—Allan Miskolczi—offered a SEEPEX progressive cavity pump equipped with variable frequency drive (VFD) and control panel as the solutions to their problem because:

  • SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps could meet the high-flow demand
  • The control system gives the customer the ability to change flow rates as production needs change
  • Progressive cavity pumps are among the best on the market for shear sensitivity

The Result: Decreased Feed Waste and Increased Flow Control and Feed Monitoring

The SEEPEX pump accomplished what the customer needed. We combined the pump and the controls in one turn-key package that made it easy for the customer to install.

  • The pump eliminated the labour-intensive feeding of individual stations.
  • The progressive cavity pump’s shear sensitivity reduced waste since the system didn’t damage the feed while pumping.
  • Centralizing the feeding station allowed staff to monitor feeding rates easily, allowing them to identify trouble areas where the feed rates signify issues with the piglets and hogs.
  • The improved feeding system ensured healthier hogs since the feed was delivered to all 100 stations more efficiently, and there was reduced degradation in feed fats and proteins when it got to the station.

Progressive Cavity Pump Technology Used

We solved the customer’s problems using SEEPEX BN Range Progressive Cavity Food Pump and VFD control system.

  • For low to highly viscous media with or without solids
  • Conveying capacity: 30 l/h – 500 m³/h (0.132 USGPM – 2,200 USGPM)
  • Pressure: up to 48 bar (720 PSI)
  • Short, compact design with directly flange-mounted drive (block type)
  • Enhanced combination options: block design available in all sizes and pressure stages
  • Low-cost due to the removed bearing frame, flexible coupling and common base plate
  • Easy maintenance due to the plug-in connection between the rotating unit and drive
  • Separate pump bearing omitted

How SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps Work

  • The Principal: SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps belong to the group of rotary positive displacement pumps.
  • The Features: Two conveying elements with special geometry and off-center rotary motion
  • How it Works: The geometry of rotor and stator forms enclosed cavities. The rotary movement of the rotor transfers the medium for the suction to the pressure side.
Hog Feed System

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