Oil and Gas Pump Solutions

Pumps for the Oil and Gas Industry are made for a variety of applications in various processing stages.  The oil and gas industry can be a very harsh and complex one, with multiple production and transfer points along the supply chain – from the wellhead in the most isolated oilfield to the tanker truck that drops a load of vehicle fuel at the local gas station. That’s why this rough and rugged industry demands reliable equipment of the highest quality, equipment tough enough to keep operations running without fail in extreme conditions, gentle enough to handle shear-sensitive products, and versatile enough to maintain production and streamline costs.

Our oil and gas processing pumps have been specifically engineered to streamline a variety of oil and gas applications thanks to a rugged and versatile design that optimizes production, increases performance and improves energy efficiency.

Field Production and Transport Applications

• Hot Glycol Injection •  Produced Water Transfer • Condensate Transfer & Injection • Sour Service • Chemical Injection

Refinery Applications

• Catalytic Injection •  Crude Oil Sampling • High Pressure Water • Caustic Soda Wash-Down • Sour Gas Injection • Emission Control • Pumping Slurry for SO2 Removal/Acidic Neutralization

We can provide different types of pumps suited for your applications – Centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, gear pumps, diaphragm pumps and metering pumps.

Oil and Gas Pumping

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