PULSAR Metering Pumps and Controls represent a generational leap in chemical feed technology combining optimum features and maximum benefits in an effort to simplify the customer pump and control selection process. PULSAR Pump Products feature a competitive cost structure and deliver long-term value and outstanding performance.

Industrial Construction

PULSAR Series Pump products are rugged and durable with on-board diagnostics; designed for extreme environments including outdoor services, elevated process and atmospheric heat, and aggressive installations including salt spray, humidity, and direct sunlight.


  • Component Modularity – PULSAR Series pumps have been designed with the maximum degree of component modularity
  • PULSAlarm Diaphragm Leak Detection – Safeguard your system against costly product loss and equipment damage
  • Controllers – PULSAR pumps are available with multiple levels of the most intelligent and exclusive controllers in the industry from the DLC (Digital Logic Controller), DLCM (Digital Logic Controller), to the ECA (Electronic Control Assembly) or the MPC (Metering Pump Controller)

Pulsar Metering Pumps Application Expertise

Pulsafeeder fluid metering and system control experience provides the ultimate engineering expertise and application support to evaluate and customize process solutions. Typical applications include bleaches, caustics, acids, solvents, polymer, plating solutions, lime slurries, molten metals, dyes, chemical fertilizers, heavy water, and liquid petroleum gas products.


Pulsar Series Brochure-English

Pulsar Series Brochure-English


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