Isochem Mag-Drive Pumps from John Brooks Company

Pulsafeeder Isochem Mag-Drive Pumps safely handle hazardous, highly corrosive, explosive, and toxic chemicals. They provide safe, leak-free service because the magnetic coupling eliminates the need for traditional sealing methods, such as mechanical seals or packing (the main source of leakage problems on pumps). As a result, downtime and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, with no worn seals to replace. With Isochem accessories such as Pedestal Assembly, Heating Jackets and Flanges, you can customize your pump for you needs.

Industrial Construction

Pulsafeeder Isochem Mag-Drive Pumps are offered in two different designs — centrifugal and positive displacement gear type — providing extensive capabilities. The CM Series of centrifugal pumps is available as single or multi-stage units. The GMC Series gear pumps are ideal for use when you encounter viscosity or suction life applications. They are available in 316 stainless steel, Alloy 20, and Alloy C construction to maximize chemical resistance. State-of-the-art magnetic technology provides a safe and reliable pump for difficult applications. The drive magnet assembly is fixed to the motor shaft. The driven magnet assembly is attached to the pump shaft and rotates when the drive magnet rotates as a result of magnetic force. The high torque capability of the neodymium iron and rare earth samarium cobalt permanent magnets alleviates the possibility of coupling slippage. The 316 SS and Alloy C can separates the magnetic assemblies and contains the liquid.

Pulsafeeder Isochem Mag-Drive Pumps Application Expertise

Isochem Series pumps offer two principal designs to handle a broad range of applications over wide temperature, viscosity, and pressure variations. They are ideal for vacuum service and transfer of expensive, hazardous and/or corrosive chemicals over the entire pH range. Seal-less features make them perfect for environments subject to federal regulations.


ISOChem and ECO Botanical Flyer UL approval

ISOChem and ECO Botanical Flyer UL approval


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