Pulsa Metering Pumps Series of Diaphragm Metering Pumps have been an industry standard for over 70 years. Pulsafeeder’s reputation in the marketplace has been built on the reliability, flexibility, and exceptional value that the PULSA Series product line offers.

Pulsa Metering Pumps Construction

PULSA Metering Pumps are well known for their rugged construction and years of dependable performance. All internal parts are manufactured to the highest standards. Years of refinement have produced a design that’s not only reliable and efficient, but exceptionally easy to service.

Pulsa Metering Pumps are designed for quality, serviceability, and cost savings – features and benefits include:

  • The Three Component Check Valve allows for easy maintenance and ensures accurate ball control providing precise flow control through the pump.
  • Diaphragm Design – The PULSA Series features diaphragm designs for every application whether it be our most popular Flat Diaphragm, Hydratube or Hydracone.
  • Pump Hydraulics – Three automatic valves keep the entire system hydraulically balanced for trouble-free operation.
  • Drive Mechanism – The PULSA Series 200, 340, 680 and 880 use Mechanical Lost Motion Style stroke length adjustment which offers exceptional economy and serviceability. While the larger PULSA Series models use the Full Motion Style drive mechanism offering reliable wear-free operation.


  • Multiplex Pump Configurations – PULSA Series pumps can be joined together in efficient multi-pump configurations.
  • PULSAlarm Diaphragm Leak Detection – Safeguard your system against costly product loss and equipment damage.
  • Stroke Length Adjustment – PULSAmatic, ELMA and pneumatic stroke length adjustments.
  • Solutions for Unusual Pumping Conditions – Our engineering support staff can create a specific pumping unit that can maximize output and safety and minimize cost.

Application Expertise

The PULSA Series standard continues to set the pace of diaphragm metering pumps, successfully handling a variety of liquids and gaseous materials. Most models include our standard built-in bleed valve, makeup valve, and by-pass valve to keep the system hydraulically balanced for trouble-free operation. No matter what your application, choose the PULSA Series that is right for you.


Pulsa Series Brochure-English

Pulsa Series Brochure-English


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