Price Pump CD Mag-Drive Pumps

Price Pump CD Mag-Drive Pumps

Price Pump CD Mag-Drive Pumps are Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps available in two models – CD100MD and CD150 MD with Flows to 190 GPM (719 LPM) and Heads to 90 Feet (27 Meters).


  • CD100MD – 1″ x 1-1/4″ x 5″
  • CD150MD – 1-1/2″ x 2″ x 5″


  • Industry-Chemical process, deionized water, wastewater treatment, refrigerants and caustics
  • O.E.M.-Washers, filters, chillers, cooling towers, scrubbers, plating equipment
  • Agriculture-Acid fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals


  • Standard Bushings-Carbon Graphite
  • Optional Bushings-Alpha Silicon Carbide (Tungsten carbide coated shaft reguired)
  • Optional Tungsten carbide coated shaft
  • Standard NEMA 56C motors
  • Magnet Material-Samarium Cobalt

Materials of Construction:

Volute:   316SS “O”-Ring:   Viton (STD) Teflon, Buna, EPR, Neoprene, Kalrez, Flouro-Silicon
Bracket:   316SS Bushings:   Carbon (STD), Silicon Carbide
Shaft:   316SS (STD),
Tungsten Carbide Coated
Thrust Washers:   Ceramic (STD), Silicon Carbide
Impeller:   316SS Magnet Cup:   316SS
Fasteners:   316SS    

Technical Information

  CD100MD CD150MD  
Minimum Recommended Flow – GPM (LPM) 12 (45) 25 (94)  
Max. Working Pressure – psi (bar) 300 (20) 300 (20)  
Maximum Solid Size – inch (mm) 0.06 (1.5) 0.06 (1.5)  
Max. Temperature – °F (°C) 350°F (177°C) 350°F (177°C)  
(Solids are not recommended for Mag Drive Pumps)

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