Pratissoli Series MK High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Pratissoli Series MK High Pressure Plunger Pumps


High pressure plunger pump, available in 3 versions. Low-high pressure packing design with integrated cooling system. High volumetric efficiency suction/delivery valves featuring newspherical design of sealing areas. Splash lubrication. External gear box available in two ratios and positionable on left orright side of the pump at 0°-45°-90°-135°-180° from the horizontal axis (see drawing). Drain valve kits.

Material quality

Pump body in cast iron. Manifold made of spheroidal cast iron, nickel treated. Self adjusting shaft bearings with double roller rim. Forged steel connecting rods with antifriction bearings Cranksahft made of nitrited, hardened and tempered alloy steel Cast iron piston guide, nickel treated. Solid ceramic plungers. Stainless steel valves.

Pump ModelVolumePressurePowerrpmWeight Kg.Dimensions mm.
MK 4015440,540058001181601800393829x747x362
MK 4015440,540058001181601500393829x747x362
MK 4519451,230043501111511800393829x747x362
MK 4519451,230043501111511500393829x747x362
MK 5024063,425036001151561500393829x747x362
MK 5024063,425036001151561800393829x747x362
MK 5529076,720029001111511800407841x747x400
MK 5529076,720029001111511500407841x747x400
MK 6034691,417025001121531800407841x747x400
MK 6034691,417025001121531500407841x747x400
MK 65406107,315021751161581500407841x747x400
MK 65406107,315021751161581800407841x747x400

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Pratissoli Series MK High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Size: 2 MB

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