Pratissoli Series KT Low Pressure Plunger Pumps

 Pratissoli Series KT Low Pressure Plunger Pumps


· Triplex plunger pump, available in 8 versions.  · Patent pending, symetrical power end design featuring top and bottom mounting holes allowing for easy left to right shaft conversion.  · Pressure packing design with integrated cooling system  · Orthogonally fitted valves.  · Splash lubrication.

Material quality

· High resistance light alloy crankcase. · Stainless steel/cast iron manifold. · Tapered roller rim bearings. · Special antifriction light alloy con rods.  · Forged alloy steel crankshaft, hardened, tempered and nitrited. · Cast iron piston guide, nickel treated. · Solid ceramic plungers. · Stainless steel valves.

Pump ModelVolumePressurePowerrpmWeight Kg.Dimensions mm.
KT 245113,5250363024,333145040395X341X212
KT 246216,3200290023,632175040395X341X212
KT 287018,5200290026,536145040395X341X212
KT 288422,217525382838175040395X341X212
KT 308021,1175290026,536145040395X341X212
KT 309625,5140203025,535175040395X341X212
KT 329124150217525,835145040395X341X212
KT 3611530,4120175026,536145040395X341X212
KT 3613936,7100145026,536175040395X341X212
KT 4014237,510014502737145040395X341X212

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Pratissoli Series KT Low Pressure Plunger Pumps

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