Pratissoli Series KF High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Pratissoli Series KF High Pressure Plunger Pumps


Triplex high pressure plunger pump, four versions in one Symmetrical crankcase for easy “left to right” conversion Single P.T.O. shaft, d. 40 Plunger seal design: HP seal + LH seal with cooling chamber in low pressure Long life Suction/Delivery in line valves with spherical profile Splash lubrication

Material quality

Patent pending pump body in die-cast aluminium Nickel-treated stainless steel head Conical shaft bearings Aluminium alloy connecting rods Forged steel crankshaft Crankshaft sealings in viton Guide pistons in surface-treated cast iron Full ceramic plungers Stainless steel valves

Pump ModelVolumePressurePowerrpmWeight Kg.Dimensions mm.
KF 289324,521030503750100069526x367x253
KF 301062820029004055100069526x367x253
KF 3212031,7180261041,255100069526x367x253
KF 3615340130190038,252100069526x367x253
KF 40170451101600364990069526x367x253

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Pratissoli Series KF High Pressure Plunger Pumps

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