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Portable Pumping System on a Towable Highway Rated Trailer

This portable pumping system required by our customer is a backup gland water pump – complete with coupling, coupling guard, suction spool, discharge spool and drain piping mounted on a department of transport compliant trailer. The backup gland water pump skid is designed to take water directly from the pond to supply feed to the suction of the main gland water pumps. This is a temporary application so when not in use, the skid needs to be stored in a warehouse and towed to the area when required.

The primary challenge with this project was that most trailer mounted self-priming pumps are designed for higher flows, mounted on engine driven trailers that are not DOT approved.

In this case our Engineering team was able to meet a unique set of custom requirements and manufacture a quality, versatile package that was compact enough for storage and easy maintenance.

This skid consists mainly of:

  • Gorman-Rupp Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
  • Teco Three-Phase Induction Motors
  • Jensen S1866 Pump Trailer
  • WIKA Pressure Gauges
  • Tornatech Control Panel
  • 5609 CS Piping

portable-pumping-systems2 portable-pumping-systems3

portable-pumping-systems4 portable-pumping-systems5

If you have an application that requires a portable pumping systems – call us today and talk to an application specialist.


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