Pneumatic Products Dri-Breathers


Dri-Breather Reactivator – DBR-3

The DBR-3 Reactivator is used to dry the desiccant in Pneumatic Products Dri-Breathers.

The Pneumatic Products Model DBR-3 Dri-Breather Reactivator is designed to reactivate all Pneumatic Products Dri-Breathers which have become saturated with moisture. The DBR-3 is small enough to be portable, or it can be permanently installed.

The standard Reactivator is designed for 230V-1PH-60HZ, 3 wire operation. It can be operated on 208V, however, reactivation time will increase over what is shown in the chart. The unit can be modified to operate on 230V or 460V, 3PH if required. Contact Pneumatic Products for required component/wiring changes. For standard 230V operation, connect appropriate terminals in control box to a 40 amp circuit.


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