Plenty BackFlush Filters

Plenty Backflush Filters have either metal or GRP bodies.

Backflushing filters are fully automatic and cover a large range of sizes and pressures

Principle of Operation:

The element is manufactured from a perforated sheet with a mesh liner or from a single piece wedge wire.They clean automatically without interrupting the liquid flow using the pressure within the system. 
Spring loaded heads rotate around the inside of the basket. Heads are connected to a hollow central backwash shaft with backwash valve. The backwash valve, once open to the atmosphere, creates a reversal of flow across the filter element.

Collected contaminant is flushed from the inside of the element, out through the backwash pipework. The cleaning cycle is initiated by an adjustable timer and overridden by high differential pressure.


Plenty Filtration Separation Technology

Plenty Filtration Separation Technology


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