Paper Printing Ink Transfer Pumps

Paper Printing Ink & Glue Transfer Pumps from John Brooks Company

In the paper and printing industries, AODD pumps are primarily used for paper printing ink and glue transfer. In many cases, an average-sized pump manufactured from polyethylene (PE) can be used for a variety of glue applications. This includes the innovative Almatec E- Series Pumps.

When choosing a pump to transfer printing inks, Almatec pumps that feature a draining system offer numerous advantages. Because the colors must not be allowed to mix during a color change, the draining system allows the pump and pipeline to be emptied without disassembly. The draining system also allows the color to flow back into the supply container (saving money). In addition, this design feature also reduces the amount of cleaning agent and solvent required to clean the pump, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.


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