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Machine Tool Packaged Systems: High-Pressure Machine Tool Coolant Systems

Here are some of the advantages of high-pressure machine tool coolant systems:

Increased Productivity – High-Pressure Coolant removes heat and deflects chips from work surfaces allowing for higher feed rates and faster spindle speeds.

Longer Tool Life – The recutting of chips damages expensive and conventional tooling. High-Pressure Coolant eliminates heat and chips resulting in less tool wear.

Energy Savings – Better lubrication reduces cutting forces and allows spindle motors to run more efficiently.

Higher Quality – Efficient chip removal, higher feed rates, faster spindle speeds, less tool wear, means improved quality and surface finishes

The heart of the High-Pressure Machine Tool Coolant System is the Wanner Hydra-Cell Pump.

The sealless Hydra-Cell pump is built to handle abrasive particles in machine tool coolant that wear out conventional piston pumps.

The standard units consist of pump, tank, filter, panel and steel skid. Together, these components optimize your high pressure machine tool coolant requirments.

Standard systems can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

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