Lube Oil Transfer and Service

Lube Oil Transfer pumps from John Brooks Company with simple and rugged design

John Brooks Company Limited offers a range of AODD fluid transfer/lube oil transfer pumps ideal for transferring various oils and lubricants. Wilden AODD pumps can be driven by compressed air or when air is not available, their CSA certified gas pumps can be safely driven by compressed natural gas. All our pumps are performance engineered and quality-assured to meet stringent standards.

Key Features :

  • CSA certified for natural gas drive
  • Drum pump kits available
  • Able to dead-head without damage
  • Rugged metallic construction
  • Leak-free operation
  • Multiple inlet sizes
  • Dry running and self-priming
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Multiple elastomer options

Consistent Performance is Key

Finding the right pump that can meet every requirement is easier said than done.Volumetric consistency is paramount for the operator because the pumps run continuously, so a consistent, reliable flow rate is necessary to ensure that production rates and quotas are met. Also, upstream market pricing demands require operators to be sure they are being as energy efficient as possible during production, especially for upstream applications like lubricating oil transfer.

Our pumps are engineered to deliver uncompromising operational advantages and maximum energy efficiency. They provide operators the broadest solution options available to optimize upstream oil and gas production, while reducing processing costs to enhance the bottom line.

Lube Oil Transfer in Oil and Gas Processing

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