LXC Air Knives by JetAir™ Technologies

JetAir’s highly efficient LXC Air Knives generate moderate pressure and high flow streams of air ideal for drying and blow-off applications. These Air Knives are easy to install and completely adjustable to ensure that all drying or blow off applications are successful. LXC Air Knives are precision engineered to produce a clean, high velocity, high impact stream of air to remove moisture, debris and dust typically found following a filling, rinse or coating application for consumer packaged goods.

The LXC model features a highly efficient faceted profile with extended engineered outlets to ensure laminar flow over greater distances. The adjustable air gap meets demands of difficult applications and is ideal for coating and sheet applications.

LXC Air Knives are a Heavy Duty 10G Construction

  • LXC™ – Stainless Steel
    • Height:  8.08 [205]
    • Width:  5.01 [127]
    • Inlet:  ∅4.00 [∅102]
    • Length:  Custom
  • LXD™  – Stainless Steel
    • Height:  6.09 [155]
    • Width:  4.00 [109]
    • Inlet:  ∅4.00 [∅102]
    • Length:  Custom

Applications include:


  • Dry for Labeling, Coding, Inspection & Secondary Packaging
  • Single File or Mass Flow
  • Clean Containers using Ionized Air before Filling


  • Dry for Labeling, Coding & Secondary Packaging
  • Smooth & Cure Coatings
  • Remove Loose Product
  • Remove Excess Water
  • Dry Conveyors
  • Move Product


  • Dry Pouches – Gusseted, Pillow, etc.
  • Air Rinse and/or Dry Containers with HEPA-Filtered Air
  • Remove Debris
  • Dry IV Bags


  • Machine Tool Coolant Removal
  • Dry Sheets, Crates, Wire, etc.
  • Dry Large Applications
  • Debris, Bead Blast & Casting Sand Removal
  • Dry before Coding
  • Cooling


  • Dry Powder Blenders of any Size
  • Remove Statically Charged Powder from Container Interiors & Exteriors


  • Battery Process Drying, Pre-Paint Ionized Air Rinse, Parts Blow-Off


  • Vacuum Cutting Tables

Customized Solutions

  • Engineered-to-Order Systems for any of your drying and air rinsing applications.

JetAir Technologies’ technical staff designs systems that are easy to use, install, and integrate into existing lines. Their drying and blow-off systems are equipped with best-in-class safety features found only in JetAir Systems. Drying and Blow-Off solutions are available in multiple configurations, performances and control schemes.

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JetAir Air Knife Data Sheet

JetAir Air Knife Data Sheet

JetAir Air Knives

JetAir Air Knives


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