Hydro-Thermal ATTEC Skid Systems

Hydro-Thermal ATTEC Custom Direct Steam Injection Skid Systems

Hydro-Thermal ATTEC® Turn-key systems incorporating direct steam injection Hydro-heaters are furnished with skid-mounted piping assembly, training and start-up services. The piping assembly is integrated with a customized, PLC-based, fully automated control panel as customized to your process. Your operators can continuously monitor the process at all points throughout the system without leaving the control room.

ATTEC® designs are readily interfaced with distributed control systems and available with technical assistance and support.

Hydro-Thermal Capabilities:

  • Review difficult to heat applications and design the system
  • Fabricate to ASME code standards in an ISO certified manufacturing plant
  • Design the controls to ensure straightforward system integration with the PLC
  • Inspect the site before installation, ensuring proper piping and fit
  • Provide a fully assembled and ready to use system
  • Be there on-site at commissioning of system

How ATTEC Skid Systems Works

While Hydro-Thermal ATTEC Systems are designed, built, and installed to your individual process specs, several key elements are common in every system:

  • Integrated customized, PLC-based, fully automated control panel monitors your process at all key points.
  • At the heart of every ATTEC System is a direct steam injection Hydroheater®. The Hydroheater transfers heat by injecting steam at high velocity into your liquid or slurry. This high velocity steam disperses the liquid or slurry into tiny droplets, creating large surface areas necessary for optimal heat transfer. The rapid heat transfer that occurs in the
  • Hydroheater® causes the steam to condense and be dispersed into the liquid very quickly, eliminating the hammer and vibration associated with less sophisticated heaters.
  • To avoid special parts and reduce maintenance time and effort, we integrate and install the support components you specify and mount them to a sanitary skid.
  • Benefits

Whether designed with a stand-alone control system or to be integrated with your plant process, ATTEC Systems are completely customized to your process needs. Each system will be shipped only after we have personally tested the pressure and controls in our in-house lab testing facilities, and our field service technicians are available to help with start-up support to assure your smart investment in an ATTEC System. They will also provide you with thorough documentation for your plant records.

Hydro-Thermal ATTEC Features

  • Offer Better Customized Support
    Designed to optimize the Hydroheater’s performance, every ATTEC system is engineered, built, and installed to the individual specifications of your process. This includes process requirements & type, flows, and certifications (3A, ASME, CE/PED, CRN).
  • Are Easy to CIP
    Many direct steam injection heaters incorporate a sparger in their design, making CIP difficult. Our simple stream-lined design makes it easy to clean in place.
  • Offer Smoother Operation Without Fouling
    Many externally modulated direct steam injection heaters cause hammering, scaling, and plugging. Internally modulated Hydroheaters ensure constant steam pressure and velocity, producing a uniformly heated product without process issues.

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Hydro-Thermal ATTEC Skid Systems

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