High Pressure Rinsing Pump System for Sanitation Process

High Pressure Rinsing System using Hydracell Seal-less Diaphragm Pumps


The Customer was using a piston/plunger pump for their sanitation process and found it was constantly requiring service. The demand to accommodate multiple showers and the necessary increase in pressure proved to be too much for the existing system, resulting in increased downtime and maintenance and constant delays in the sanitation process. The customer needed a solution to this problem, needed it fast and within a restrictive budget.


Our Application Expert – Alexandre Croteau – met with the Customer in order to understand their present and future application requirements. Working with our Engineered Systems team they came up with a recommendation for a duplex pump and motor assembly package with controls, isolating valves, dampeners, gauges, pressure transmitter, check valves.


  • Improved Uptime
  • Reduced Service & Maintenance Costs
  • Significant Energy Saving


Wanner Engineering Inc. Hydra-Cell Pump Technology – Two Model D35 Seal-less Diaphragm Pumps (Click for the D35 Data Sheet) with Buna Elastomers, mounted on a base with 30hp Motors. One pump was intended to back-up the other pump but they can also work in unison when there are high demands.


  • Pumps are energized by the motors which are wired to the VFD’s. The VFD’s are inside the Control Panel which is wired to the Pressure Transmitter
  • The controls adjust themselves to the operation’s/plant’s requirements. i.e. when the spray gun is triggered – the pump speed will increase to reach the desired pressure and will slow down once the pressure is obtained
  • If other processes require water such as spray nozzles or other spray guns, the VFD will adjust the speed accordingly.

High Pressure Rinsing System with Hydra-Cell Pumps Case Study

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High Pressure Rinsing Pump System

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