Goulds Xylem 3657 3757 Stainless Steel Pumps – Commercial Enclosed Impeller 316 Stainless Steel End Suction Pumps

Goulds Xylem 3657 3757 Stainless Steel Pumps Features and Benefits:


  • Superior Materials of Constructions:  Precision investment cast 316 stainless steel liquid end components for corrosion resistance and strength.


  • Frame Mounted Design:  Flexibility of installation and driver arrangements.


  • Enclosed Impeller Design:  Maximum efficiency and service life with no need for clearance adjustment. Key driven shaft connection with locknut.


  • Back Pull-Out Design:  Simplifies maintenance by allowing the casing to remain in the piping during disassembly.


  • Close-Coupled Design:  Compact design saves space and simplifies installation.


  • Casing features:  Investment cast AISI type 316 stainless steel, volute design for maximum efficiency. Vertical discharge standard, field modifiable to four standard positions.


  • Shaft and Sleeve:  High strength steel, keyed design non-wetted. Protected from pumpage by O-ring seal and hooked design AISI type 316 stainless steel shaft sleeve.


  • Mechanical Seals:  Standard John Crane Type 21 seal with carbon versus ceramic faces, Viton elastomers and 316 stainless steel metal components. Options are available for high temperature and mild abrasives.


  • Drive Motors: NEMA standard JM frame (close coupled) or T frame (frame mounted) are available in both single and three phase with a variety of enclosures and voltages to match your service requirements.


Applications for Goulds Xylem 3657 3757 Stainless Steel Pumps:

  • Pure water feed or transfer
  • Chemical feed or transfer
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Food or beverage services, not requiring FDA rating
  • Condensate return
  • Water reclamation and treatment


Gould Commercial Pumps

Gould Commercial Pumps


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