Gosco S-Class soft seated Valves are High-Performance Ball Valve Line. Features include: A full range of trim options for abrasive, high cycle, chemical and high temperature applications, an extended bonnet for insulation, a patented shaft sealing system that surpasses all existing and proposed fugitive emission standards, a Clearview mounting pad for simple actuator installation, and a full range of exotic alloy and seat options for abrasive, high cycle, chemical and high temperature applications.

Shaft Sealing System

The core of our patented shaft sealing system is the dual live-loaded packing. To eliminate side loading on the packing, we’ve added two shaft guides to support the shaft at the bottom and the top. For a third layer of protection, a fugitive emissions port can be drilled to monitor the areas between the packing sets. Our shaft sealing system has been tested by TUV, and exceeds all current and projected fugitive emission standards.

Encapsulated “Soft” Seats

S-Class encapsulated soft seats are used for high cycle, abrasive, and high pressure/temperature applications. Our proprietary live-loaded design allows us to completely encapsulate the insert on all four sides, leaving only a small section of the “Soft” material exposed for sealing. The insert is held in place with “barbs” that prevent it from extruding out of the carrier. A special fixture compresses the seat assembly to 3 times the max pressure rating of the valve, so that the insert takes a compression set. The seat profile is then machined in to the insert, and it is match lapped to the ball. For abrasive applications, it can be used in conjunction with a boronized, arcuate cut ball

Arcuate Cut Ball

An arcuate cut is a profile in the ball that reduces velocity as the valve opens and closes. When a standard ball valve is in the first and last 10° of opening/closing, velocities are very high (especially in the corners), and erosion occurs. With an arcuate cut, the opening on the ball is almost three times as large. This reduces the velocity by spreading out the flow through a larger opening, which reduces wear on the ball and seats. BORONIZING must be used to harden arcuate cut profiles because HVOF coatings are line of sight and can not evenly coat the ball.

Exotic Alloys

Cast, forged or bar stock, Gosco manufactures ball valves out of any metal – even specialty metals that require vacuum casting (like titanium). We are not restricted to making just the body from exotic alloys – we can manufacture any component to suit your needs, right down to the bolting. Our engineering team at Gosco Valves has extensive experience in corrosive applications, and can recommend the appropriate material to use for specific media.

Extended Bonnet

The extended bonnet is perfect for insulated lines as there is at least 2″ between the top of the flange and the bottom of the Clearview mounting pad. This allows you to fully insulate the valve and still have access to make packing adjustments, without having to remove the actuator or insulation. The valve shaft flats are also visible, and the actuator is raised away from the elevated process temperatures, preventing damage to the actuator seals.

Clearview Mounting Pad

The Clearview mounting pad is a combination of an ISO 5211 mounting pad for easy installation of valve accessories, and a CNC machined/cast bracket that guarantees accurate actuator alignment. Packing adjustments can be performed in-line without removing the actuator, and the double “D” shaft gives you a visible indication of the position of the valve. Clearview also raises the actuator away from the valve, and acts as a heat sink to protect it from high temperatures.

  • S-Class Sizes

    NPS ½ FP to NPS 16 SP
    ½″ FP to 16″ SP

  • S-Class Connections

    150# to 4500#, NPT, SW,
    BW, Graylock and Custom

  • S-Class Configurations

    On/Off, Vari-V, Cryogenic, 3-Way Diverter, Double Isolation & Bleed

  • S-Class Temperatures

    -270°C to 260°C 
    -454°F to 500°F


Gosco S Class Valve Catalogue 3

Gosco S Class Valve Catalogue 3

Gosco S-Class Valve IOM Manual 3

Gosco S-Class Valve IOM Manual 3

Gosco S-Class Valve Presentations 3

Gosco S-Class Valve Presentations 3


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