Gatewood GDE Compact Water Booster System

Gatewood GDE Compact Water Booster System

Water Supply Features:

– Supply “DCS” controlled, high-pressure, pulse-free and filtered water to your edge trim or shower system.

Gatewood GDE Compact Water Booster System Description:

– 32″w x 30 1/2″h x 16 7/8″d

– Premium quality construction

– High quality industrial components, wash down duty and built to last

– Maximum control capabilities

– Optional equipment available:

– Magnetic flowmeter

– Stainless duplex filter packages

– Deaeration tank

– Water heater

Gatewood GDE Compact Water Booster System Components (refer to pictures below):

1 – All Stainless Base Frame
2 – NEMA-4X Motor Controller With Discharge Press Set Point Control
3 – Water Discharge Connection
4 – Flow Indication With Flow Rate
5 – Mill & Chemical Inverter Duty TEFC Motor
6 – Pressure Relief Valve
7 – Pump Vent/Drain Valves
8 – Hi-Pressure Positive Displacement Water Pump
9 – Inlet Water Pressure Regulating Valve
10 – Optional Dual Stainless Filter Assembly With Stainless Pleated   Reusable Cartridges
11 – Differential Pressure Indication for Filter Maintenance
12 – All Stainless Liquid Filled Gauges with Isolation
13 – Water Pressure Sensor
14 – Pressure Relief Valve
15 – Water Pressure Sensor




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