Alfa Laval – Gamajet Wine Barrel and Drum Cleaning System

Gamajet Wine Barrel and Drum Cleaning with Gamavac and EvacuBlast

Gamajet Wine Barrel and Drum Cleaning with the Gamavac and EvacuBlast systems will eliminate the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of moving and rotating your barrels and drums for cleaning and draining . The systems work with the Gamajet AIO and AIO flex, which incorporate an extraction wand engineered into the cleaning machine. (The AIO flex has a 90-degree angle to allow for the smaller clearances of wine barrel racking systems.) However, in order to use these machines you need a vacuum system and a pressure washer which operates at 3.5 to 5.5 gpm (13 to 23 lpm). The Gamavac and EvacuBlast are all in one systems to meet these requirements.

EvacuBlast: Vaccuum system with pressure washer

Gamavac: Vacuum system without pressure washer

Gamajet Wine Barrel Cleaning

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