Alfa Laval – Gamajet 4 – Large Tank Cleaning Machine

Gamajet’s Most Powerful Tank Cleaning Machine

Gamajet’s largest automated tank cleaner, the Alfa Laval Gamajet 4 tank cleaning machine is designed to clean larger-sized tanks with diameters of over 15′ (4.57 m). Developed and upgraded from the proven Gamajet III, the Gamajet 4 is a hydraulically driven rotary tank cleaning machine that revolves 360° in both horizontal and vertical planes. Synchronized solid jets provide a tight and thorough scouring pattern covering all interior tank surfaces in one complete cycle.

The Gamajet 4 is available in stainless steel or silicon bronze with a choice of oil-lubricated or flow-thru (wash fluid lubricated) gearboxes. Gear trains are designed to maximize wear life which offers improved reliability and reduced downtime.

With a choice of twelve nozzle sizes, various hydraulic turbines and stators along with two gear systems, the Gamajet 4 offers a wide operating range of flow rates, nozzle rotation speeds, and wash cycles. The Gamajet 4 is fully capable of high concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or high pressure/low volume water jet scrubbing in fixed CIP automated systems.

Features and benefits

  • Powerful: Up to 100lbs (45 kg) of cleaning force
  • Cleans up to a 100ft (60 m) radius
  • Heavy-duty, durable design
  • Flo-thru and directional options
  • New Horizontal cleaning option with the Sidewinder Horizontal Cleaner
  • Impact: Up to 85lbs at 25′ (39kg at 7.5m)
  • Pressure: 20-700 psi (2-45 bar)
  • Flow: 30-320 gpm (115-1210 lpm)
  • Clearance: 6.7″ (170mm)
  • Cycle Time: 10-25 min.
  • Self-Cleaning and Draining
Gamajet 4

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