EATON Model 91 T Type 2″ to 48″ Basket Strainer

EATON Model 91 T-Type Strainers offers several advantages over other strainer designs. The strainer is very compact, important in applications where space is restricted. Unlike most other strainers, the Model 91 can be used in either vertical or horizontal installations. A real time saving feature of the Model 91 T-Type Strainer is the cleanable strainer screen.

EATON Model 91 Basket Strainers can be used in both vertical or horizontal installations and the strainer screen can be cleaned without draining the strainer housing. These strainers also feature a convoluted strainer screen and an unrestricted flow path that results in a very low pressure drop compared to other strainer types. This makes the strainers ideal for applications such as condensate and boiler feed pump suction where the process water has low solids loading and the pressure drop is critical.

Customize to Improve Performance and Meet Higher Pressure Requirements
The Eaton Model 91 fabricated T strainer, typically used for pump protection or other low solids applications has several advantages over other strainer designs. Its compact design is
perfect for applications with restricted space, either vertical or horizontal installations are possible, and when cleaning the strainer, draining the vessel is not necessary. It also can be adapted for straight through or right angle flow, making it ideal for retrofit situations.

Strainer Design
The convoluted design of the strainer screen doubles the screen area and completely changes the dirt accumulation pattern on the screen, more effectively using the screen’s straining area and increasing the time between cleanings. The combination of a convoluted strainer screen and unrestricted flow path results in a very low pressure drop, ideal for applications such as condensate and boiler feed pump suction.

Strainer Screens
Strainer screens are stainless steel or other specified materials.


  • ANSI Class 150, 300, or 600 flanges
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Low pressure drop
  • Convoluted screen for more surface area with perforations from 1/16″ to 1/2″
  • 20 to 60 mesh linings for fine straining applications


  • Quick open hinged or davit cover assembly bolted cover
  • Alloy construction for body and baskets
  • ASME Code construction
  • Steam jacket for highly viscous fluids
  • Straight through or right angle configuration
  • Flanged class 600 or butt weld piping connections


EATON 91 Fabricated Strainers

EATON 91 Fabricated Strainers


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