Eaton Hot Fry Oil Filters are mechanically cleaned filters for commercial cooking oil recycling – replacing the vibrating filter and paper band equipment. Temperature maximum 400° F (204° C).


Eaton Hot Fry Oil Filters – Basic Fry Oil Process



EATON Hot Fry Oil Filters – Specifications



Total Volumetric Capacity 11 gal | 41.6 liters
Purge Chamber Capacity 1.5 gal | 6 liters
Filtration Surface Area 610 in² | 3935 cm²
Flow Rate Range at 100μ 30 – 200 gpm | 6.8-45.4 m³/hr
Maximum Temperature 400° F | 204° C
Maximum Pressure 150 psi | 10 bar
Minimum Pressure 30 psi | 2 bar
Single Unit Weight 250 lbs | 113.4 kg
Air Requirement 80 psi to 120 psi | 5.5 to 8.2 bar  –  5.5 cfm


EATON Hot Fry Oil Filters Features

  • Reduced Fire Hazard
  • Improved Personnel Safety
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Tighter Retention Capability
  • No Consumable Media
  • FDA Compliant Materials
  • Environmentally Friendly Design
  • Produces Lower Volume of Waste


Powered by DCF Self Cleaning Technology

  • High turn-over rates result in improved quality
  • Reduced oxidation rates of non-hydrogenated oil
  • Tighter filter retentions optimize crumb removal
  • Closed system reduces employee exposure
  • Eliminates costs associated with consumable media
  • Environmentally friendly design reduces disposal costs
  • Unique leak containment system

How the Self-Cleaning Hot Fry Oil Filter Works:

  • The unfiltered oil flows in the top filter inlet and passes from the inside to the outside of the 316 stainless steel slotted filter media.
  • The unwanted solids are retained on the inside of the screen, and the filtered oil exits the filter through the bottom outlet and goes to the process.
  • A spring loaded cleaning disc periodically wipes the internal surface of the filter media, removing the collected debris and directing it to the bottom chamber out of the flow path.
  • The idea is to wipe the filter media as often as necessary to maintain a very low, constant, clean differential pressure across the system.
  • The collected debris is automatically purged from the filter — using system pressure — in .7 seconds.
  • Typically, the purge function takes place every 1 – 4 hours depending on the amount of collected debris.


Hot Fry Oil lFilter

Hot Fry Oil lFilter


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