EATON DCF 2000 Mechanically Cleaned Filters

Eaton’s DCF-2000 is designed specifically to address the challenges associated with filtering coatings and slurries in the paper making industry. Eliminate paper-breaks or streaks, reduce
the environmental impact, and maximize uptime and productivity—for high production volumes and consistent product quality. With a rugged motorized cleaning action, the DCF-2000
can handle the continuous processing requirements of protecting critical wet-end coating operations.

Operation of Disc Cleaning FiltersDriven at a constant rate and pressure, the cleaning disc continuously wipes collected debris from the screen. Collected contaminants are agitated in the collection chamber, keeping them in a semi-liquid state, ready to be purged from the system.

EATON DCF 2000 Specifications

Specifications DCF-2000
Single Unit Weight 564 lbs | 256 kg
Service Height 72 in | 1828 mm
Total Volumetric Capacity 11 gal | 41.6 liters
Purge Chamber Capacity 1.5 gal | 6 liters
Filtration Surface Area 610 in² | 3935 cm²
Flow Rate Range at 100μ 30–200 gpm | 6.8–45.4 m3/hr
Maximum Temperature* 160˚ F | 71˚ C
Maximum Pressure 150 psi | 10.5 bar (standard)
Electrical for Motor Drive Single Phase 110/220V, 50/60 Hz for control | Three Phase, 220/380/440/575V (please specify), 50/60 Hz for motor.
Electrical for Controllers Single Phase 110/220V, 50/60 Hz

* Dependent on elastomer seal selection.

EATON DCF 2000 Mechanically Cleaned Filters Features

  • Filters 48-72% solids coatings at 75 micron retention—the tightest in the industry
  • Continuously removes contaminants from the coating and efficiently evacuates collected contaminants while operating at a low, constant differential pressure
  • Designed for continuous unattended operation—without the need for operator intervention
  • Mechanically cleaned media eliminates replacement media cost and the expense and hazard of waste disposal
  • Increased profitability—improves system efficiency, reduces paperbreaks and associated downtime
  • Multiplex configurations available and valved to a common tapered header for high-flow applications
EATON DCF 2000 Single Configuration EATON DCF 2000 Multiplex Configuration

Typical Applications:

  • Paper Coatings

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Eaton DCF 2000 Mechanically Cleaned Filters

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