EATON AFR Series tubular backwashing filters features a unique, expandable circular design for increased capacity in a compact one-square-meter footprint. The Eaton AFR Series uses Ronningen-Petter technology for ideal for high volume, low viscosity applications with retentions as low as 2 microns.

EATON AFR High Performance & High Volume

Increased capacity and space saving:

  • Solids removal from 1 to 1,700 microns
  • Flow rates up to 2,000 gpm (454 m3/hr)
  • Broad selection of filter media materials and retentions suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Numerous automated backwash options for operator-free service and minimal backwash effluent (<2% of system volume)
  • Smooth pipe and nozzle connection transitions to avoid dead spots in the fluid stream and minimize pressure drop
  • Isolated top-to-bottom backwash flow for complete and efficient media cleaning while continuing to deliver filtered product downstream
  • Available ACCUFLUX™ media dramatically increases filter surface area in the same footprint
  • Configured with an array of up to eight – 4″ (101.8mm) or 6″; (152.4 mm) body tubes surrounding a central cleaning valve


  • Media-cleaning diffusers for more effective cleaning with low operating pressures or volumes
  • Drain header trap
  • Isolation butterfly valves for individual body tube removal while filter is in operation
  • Hinge-lock quick couplings
  • 304 stainless steel frame material

Cost reduction:

  • A single AFR Series filter can replace a 13- station multiplexed system.
  • For even higher flow rates, AFR Series filters can be easily combined.


  • Connection Inlet and Outlet: 8” ANSI or 200 mm DIN flanged. Drain: 3”(80 mm) weld stub
  • Process Parameters Temperature: 300°F (149°C) maximum (determined by screen material and elastomer seals). Operating pressure: up to 250 psi (17 bar)
  • Elastomer Seals Standard: Buna-N (180°F (82°C) max). Optional: Nordel (230°F (110°C) max); Viton® (300°F (149°C) max)
  • Housing/ Wetted Parts Materials Standard: 316 stainless steel. Optional: Wide range available; consult Eaton
  • Frame Material Standard: Painted carbon steel. Optional: 304 stainless steel
  • Automation Standard: Choice of programmable logic controller (PLC) or semi-automatic. Optional: Wide range available
  • Utilities Electrical: 110 or 220 Volt, 50 or 60 Hz, single-phase. Air: 60-120 psi (4.1-8.3 bar) @ 5 cfm. Air must be clean, dry and non-lubricated

Applications of Eaton AFR Series Tubular Backwashing Pressure Filter:

  • Chemical Filtration
  • Food and Beverage Filtration
  • Manufacturing Process Filtration
  • Oil and Gas Refining
  • Petrochemical Processing
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Treatment
  • Pre-RO Filtration
  • Seal Protection
  • Heat Exchanger Protection


EATON AFR Tubular Backwashing Filters

EATON AFR Tubular Backwashing Filters


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