E/One WH471 Grinder Pump Station

E/One WH471 Grinder Pump Station is one of E/One’s largest-capacity sewage grinder pump stations. This station offers a capacity of 476 gallons and can handle flows of up to 2000 GPD.
It  consists of an Extreme series grinder pump inside an open wet well tank. The pump, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.

It grinds the solids into fine particles that can easily pass through the pump,  check valve and small-diameter pipe lines — even objects that are not normally found in sewage, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, etc. The 1-1/4″ discharge connection can be adapted to any piping materials that meet local code requirements. The internal check valve assembly, located in the pump, is custom designed for non-clog, trouble-free operation.

The tank is made of tough corrosion-resistant HDPE. Designed specifically for low pressure sewer applications, the optimum tank capacity of 476 gallons provides ample storage. A single E/One WH471 Grinder Pump Station can accommodate flows of up to 2000 gallons per day.

Stations are available in several heights to accommodate various burial depth requirement.

Applications Include

  • Residential Wastewater
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Commercial Wastewater

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