EOne WH231 Pump Station – SQUAT

E/One WH231 Pump Station – SQUAT

The W-Series is E/One’s most versatile grinder pump station — a range of basins, covers, discharges, inlets and panels are available.

Featuring the new E/One Extreme grinder pump, the WH231 offers a new level of reliability and ruggedness.
The E/One WH231 pump station consists of a pump inside an open wet well tank. The grinder pump, motor controls and level-sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removable for service.

Solids are ground into fine particles that pass easily through the pump, check valve and small-diameter pipe lines — even objects that are not normally found in sewage, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, etc. The 1-1/4″ discharge connection can be adapted to any piping materials that meet local code requirements.

The tank is made of tough corrosion-resistant polyethylene. Designed specifically for low pressure sewer applications, the optimum tank capacity of 237 gallons provides ample storage. A single E/One WH231 can accommodate flows of up to 850 gallons per day.

The internal check valve assembly, located in the grinder pump, is custom designed for non-clog, trouble-free operation.

Applications of E/One WH231 

  • Residential Wastewater
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Commercial Wastewater

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Eone WH231 Sewer System

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