Dollinger Radial Fin Filter Elements

Dollinger Radial Fin Filter Elements

No filter can promise to eliminate every cause of downtime. But there is one element reliable enough to prevent most causes of unscheduled equipment shutdown due to filter failure or premature plugging.

The Dollinger element incorporates the efficient radial finned design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. This increases dirt-holding capacity, minimizes pressure drop and results in an extended service life 

The filter media support structure utilizes carbon steel or alternatively, stainless steel. The standard element design ensures its integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid. Special designs are available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities. 

Filter Media
Dollinger offers an extensive range of synthetic and natural fiber filter media suitable for use in most processes. In addition, stainless steel mesh media can be incorporated in the existing element design for more demanding applications. In most instances the Dollinger filter element can be cleaned and reused many times. This feature is especially beneficial in applications having high levels of contaminant. 

In the event of changing process conditions following installation, it is possible to interchange elements to vary the degree of filtration.

Dollinger Radial Fin Filter Elements

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