Dollinger AF-400 Compressed Air Filters

Dollinger AF-400 Compressed Air Filters


Dollinger AF-400 Compressed Air Filters are engineered to remove entrained oil, water mist, other liquids and solid particles efficiently from compressed air streams.

Durable and lightweight, the AF-400 filter housing are crafted from These durable die cast filter housings come standard with internal 3/8″ – 2-1/2″ npt connections that make them easy to pipe and suitable for use in standard compressed air applications up to 780 ft3/min.

Seven Filtration Grades 
A – Maximum Efficiency Oil Removal Filter (0.0008 ppm) 
B – High Efficiency Oil Removal Filter (0.008 ppm) 
C – Air Line Filter (1 micron) 
D – Separator / Filter (3 micron and bulk liquid) 
E – Mechanical Separator (bulk liquid) 
Y – Dry Solids Filter (1 micron) 
Z – Oil Vapor Removal Filter (activated carbon)

Typical applications would include:

  • Water / oil mist removed from compressed air lines
  • Pre-filter or After-filter to absorptive air / gas dehydration systems

Features/Benefits: AF 400 Filters

  • Comply with filtration standards as specified in ISO DP8573/1, classes 1 to 5
  • Fully corrosion protected aluminum housings
  • Specially selected medias offer protection against all common pollution in compressed air systems
  • Unique Snap Up element closure mechanism ensure quick element change out
  • Differential pressure indicators/gauges monitor contaminant loading 
    Silicone Free

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