COPPUS Ventilator Accessories

COPPUS Ventilator Accessories are safe, ergonomic and convenient – they are designed to make life easier.

COPPUS Flexible Air Duct

A large selection of flexible air duct for a variety of ventilation applications is available. Our most popular heavy-duty duct features impregnated polyester material designed for harsh, industrial environments. Other options include economical light-duty duct, source capture duct and hazardous location, anti-static duct.


  • Heavy-duty duct features impregnated polyester material designed for harsh, industrial environments
  • Light-duty polyvinyl duct
  • Source capture duct
  • Hazardous location anti-static (conductive) duct
  • Wire supported, non-collapsible
  • Quick and easy cinch belt securely fastens duct to blower housings duct ends
  • Integral rigid duct end allows easy coupling of duct without the need for separate splicer accessory
  • Available diameters are 8 inch (203 mm), 12 inch (305 mm), 16 inch (406 mm), 20 inch (508 mm), and 24 inch (610 mm); larger diameters available on request
  • Available lengths; 10 ft (3 m), 20 ft (7.5 m); duct can be coupled together for longer runs
  • Temperature range: -40 degrees farenheit to +250 degree farenheit (+121 degree C)
  • Meets UL-94 specifications for flame retardant material
  • Retractable for easier, safer storage
  • Source capture duct: close-pitched, wire-supported and features smooth interior walls for reduced flow restriction; available in 4 inch (102 mm), 5 inch (127 mm) and 6 inch (152 mm) diameters

COPPUS Duct Canisters

Extend the life of your duct with the protection of a COPPUS high-density, light-weight polyethylene canister; makes transporting and storage easier and safer.

COPPUS -Duct-Cannisters

Canisters for available duct sizes:

  • 8 in x 25 ft (203 mm x 7,500 mm)
  • 12 in x 20 ft (305 mm x 6,000 mm)
  • 16 in x 30 ft (406 mm x 9,000 mm)

COPPUS Jectair Tripod


  • For stationary use or long term use
  • Rotates 360 degrees for precise direction of air flow
  • Accommodates 3-HP & 6-HP Jectair sizes
  • Installs quickly and easily with two quick-release clamps
  • Large feet provide stability during operation
  • Spring loaded legs fold up for easy transport and storage
  • Light weight

COPPUS Vano Tripod


  • Attaches to VANO 175CV & 250CV models
  • Makes positioning of units and direction of airflow easier by rotating 360 degrees on a +/-45 degree plane
  • Spring-loaded legs fold up for easy transport and storage
  • Light weight

COPPUS Transport Cart


  • Heavy-duty cart allows easier transportation of VANO 175CV & 250CV models
  • Ventilators can remain on transport cart during operation, eliminating unnecessary handling
  • Eliminates the need to lift entire VANO
  • Includes crane-lighting loop for easily transport
  • Light weight

COPPUS Adapters

  • Various duct adapters offered; consult factory


COPPUS Portable Ventilators Catalogue

COPPUS Portable Ventilators Catalogue


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