ClydeUnion Centrifugal Pumps from John Brooks Company

ClydeUnion Pumps is the culmination of a long and eventful engineering legacy. Through the highly-respected, ground-breaking core companies from which they originated, they are able to claim a 140-year history. Now they are playing an instrumental role in securing the vital energy and water resources that a sustainable society will rely on in the future.

Their engineered-to-order pumping technology is used to carry out all kinds of critical industrial functions. The vast majority of nuclear power plants currently in operation around the world employ their reactor feed pumps. They are also a valued flow control engineering partner to the oil/gas industry – supporting upstream, downstream, transportation and offshore exploration activities. Other key areas they address include marine applications, seawater desalination and waste water treatment.

Combining a wealth of pump and system design knowledge with facilities equipped with the latest design, analytical and pump testing equipment, ClydeUnion Pumps provide their customers with exceptional products and service – so as to boost efficiency and ensure prolonged operation. In addition to providing after sales service on all their current products, they also offer continued support on legacy pumps.

ClydeUnion Pumps – Centrifugal Pump Products include:

  • Between Bearings
  • Overhung Pumps
  • Vertical Pumps

ClydeUnion Centrifugal Pumps

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ClydeUnion Pumps

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