ALMATEC Chemicor AODD Pump for Cannabis Oil Transfer

High Viscous Cannabis Oil Transfer

The Challenge: Lifting high viscosity oil at a high temperature and low flow rate.

A new cannabis processing facility in Southern BC needed a pumping solution to move highly viscous cannabis oil throughout their processing equipment. The pump needed to:

  • Lift the oil with a low flow rate < 2 L/M
  • Handle the high viscosity of the oil (8,000 cSt @ 110°C – 10,000 cSt @ 80°C)
  • Manage the high temperature (110°C) requirement to keep the oil fluid enough for transfer

The Solution: Almatec Chemicor AODD Pumps

Our application experts—Alex Tarahomi and Stephen Sinclair—considered three different pump technologies that could all meet the application’s requirements: gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, and AODD pumps.

After discussion with our customer and with careful consideration of time and budget constraints, an ALMATEC AODD pump was selected. The advantages were:

  • Less expensive as the FDA compliant gear pump
  • Fewer replacement costs, e.g., they wouldn’t need to replace a hose due to high temperature wear like on a peristaltic pump
  • Cost savings, thanks to the optimized flow pattern that decreases air consumption (and noise)
  • Lubrication- and maintenance-free air control system
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs since there are no drives, rotating parts, or shaft seals in the pump
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Safe for Area classification: C1D2


The Result: Reliable operation with easy, affordable maintenance.

  • Easy maintenance, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Fewer components to repair or replace, contributing to savings in servicing costs every month

AODD Pump Technology Used

We solved the customer’s problems using an Almatec AD20STT-E-T AODD Pump

Almatec Chemicor AODD

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