AZUD Modular 100 Disc Filters

AZUD Modular 100 Disc Filters & Screen Filters

AZUD MODULAR 100 Disc Filters & Screen filters are a a range of lower flow disc and screen filters manufactured in high quality thermoplastic, which ensures easy handling, high resistance and maximum durability. Max flow 25 m3/h (110 gpm)
  • Wide range of filtration levels available with either discs or screens.
  • This allows a reduction in the frequency and level of maintenance. The discs and screens can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Base and lid manufactured in high quality thermoplastic.
  • Efficient from low to high pressures.
  • Avoids loss or ware during maintenance.
  • Lid has threaded connection on the bottom which allows for easy draining or pressure relief.
  • Ports on all sizes for pressure gauges.
  • No tools required for maintenance.
  • Special gaskets available.
Additional information:
  • Disc filtering element with threaded closure of easy handling, which ensures the compression and prevents accidental disc loss.
  • Screen filtering element, in plastic and in stainless steel.

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AZUD Modular 100 Disc and Screen Filters

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