John Brooks Automated Retractable Nozzle System

The Automated Retractable Nozzle System

designed by John Brooks Company Limited injects bitumen slurry into the TSRU (Tailing Solvent Recovery Unit) to reclaim a high proportion of the solvents. This “Hot Tap” arrangement allows a full change out of worn manifolds and nozzles while the vessel is under full load. Not only is expensive downtime eliminated but the client is also able to operate efficiently with well-maintained equipment.

Since the slurry is extremely abrasive, we are providing high wear-resistant materials. The spray nozzles are made of Tungsten Carbide and internal pipe surfaces are overlaid with Chromium Carbide. To prove a smooth extraction of the wear parts and a tight seal, the extraction cylinder is chrome plated.

John Brooks has one of the most experienced engineering groups for Oil Sands Automatic Retractable Nozzle Systems. Our field engineers coordinate the client requirements with our design department to assure a cost-effective and reliable solution.


  • CFD analysis to determine optimal nozzle type and location in the vessel for efficient solvent recovery and to minimize wall wetting.
  • Hollow Cone, Full Cone or Flat Spray Nozzles in Tungsten Carbide for exceptional service life.
  • Manifolds designed for ideal delivery of slurry within the vessel.
  • Chrome Carbide overlay on the internal pipe and wetted surfaces.
  • The OD of the extraction cylinder is chrome plated for corrosion protection and seal integrity.
  • Packing box designed, manufactured and tested to ensure compliance for fugitive emissions standards.
  • Motor operated linear drive assembly on the extraction mechanism.

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