Alfa Laval Gunclean i40 D

High-Impact, Dual Nozzle Tank Cleaning Device for use in Fixed Installations aboard Chemical and Product Tankers as well as Offshore Applications

The Alfa Laval Gunclean i40 D is a high-impact, tank cleaning machine with dual nozzles. Its reliable operation and wear-resistant design make it suitable for use in all types of tank cleaning applications. Developed to meet the toughest tank cleaning requirements, it features a hysteresis clutch with built-in speed adjustment.

This innovative clutch construction is a substantial improvement over standard magnetic clutches, as it eliminates both slippage and the leakage risk of a speed adjustment shaft. In combination with optimized design and new, wear-resistant materials, it makes the Gunclean i40 D a simple and reliable choice for cost-effective operation.

How it Works

A flow of cleaning media or product is used to drive a turbine connected to the Gunclean i40 D gear unit. Rotation speed can be adjusted during operation, thus making it possible to optimize the cleaning cycle.

Unique Hysteresis Clutch

Use of a hysteresis clutch on the Gunclean i40 D means there is no need for the conventional configuration with a speed adjustment shaft at the turbine. This does away with shaft penetration at this key point, eliminating a key location for potential seal leaks and cross-contamination problems. The unique clutch used on this model compromises a number of strong magnets and a hysteresis plate. Unlike a standard magnetic clutch in which two opposing magnets must be synchronized, this type does not suffer from slippage, thus eliminating false starts. The clutch also works as a soft starter, making sure the tank cleaning machine always begins operating as intended.

Nozzle Rotation Speed

The rotation speed of the nozzles is preset from our factory to a speed which is applicable for most cleaning operations. The rotation speed is very easy changed by adjusting a magnet which serves as a brake. The distance between the magnet and the hysteresis plate is simply increased or decreased in order to change the speed. Access to the magnet is attained by removing the cover of the gearbox

Alfa Laval Gunclean i40 D

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Alfa Laval Gunclean i40 D

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