AFL Delta-Pak Coalescer

Delta-Pak Coalescer polishes wastewater that has been treated for oil and solids removal

AFL Industries offers its DELTA-PAK Coalescer to upgrade the performance of new or existing coalescing oil-water separators. The function of the DELTA-PAK is to polish wastewater that has been previously treated for oil and solids removal. Typically, a VTC supplied with the DELTA-PAK option will produce an effluent with an oil concentration as low as 5 mg/l.

This vertically positioned Coalescer provides up to 50 times more surface area than a comparable volume of coalescing tubes. The DELTA-PAK Coalescer is an open-celled polyurethane foam, oleophilic (oil-attracting in nature, which is ideally suited to intercepting and coalescing minute oil globules. It is exceptionally porous and permeable. Each cell is completely interconnected with all surrounding cells, which provides high surface area contact for maximum coalescing efficiency.

A DELTA-PAK module consists of a specially sized foam bundle supported in a fiberglass frame, complete with handle or eyelets for ease of lifting for inspection or servicing. The DELTA-PAK slides into place in AFL Industries’ VTC coalescing separators. Since the DELTA-PAK intercepts the entire cross section of the separators, the larger separators will employ more than one module to form the complete DELTA-PAK while ensuring ease of handling.

Use the DELTA-PAK on those applications where solids contamination is not a problem and reduction of the oil concentration is critical.

Features & Benefits of the Delta-Pak Coalescer

  • Reduces effluent oil concentrations to 5 mg/l
  • Upgrades existing coalescing separators
  • Available for all VTC separators
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant modules
  • Improves separation of coalescing oil-water separators

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