AFL CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator

CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator

The CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator is a cylindrical above and flush-with-grade separator and is used when large volume oil storage is not required. A rotary pipe skimmer is used to constantly or periodically draw off separated oil for removal. CVF Series separators can also be configured to hold up to 100 gallons of internal oil storage. Flow rates from 5-100 gpm.

The CVF SERIES removes

  • free oils and mechanically emulsified oils
  • hydrocarbons
  • settleable solids

from industrial wastewater and coolant.

In operation, this separator accepts industrial liquid waste in the inlet chamber. Here settleable solids fall to the bottom as sludge for periodic removal.

Then the waste stream enters the coalescing separation chamber. A matrix of vertically positioned polypropylene tubes gives laminar flow characteristics to the liquid. The result is a liquid more responsive to gravity separation.

The tubes also provide a coalescing medium. Oleophilic in nature, they attract small oil globules, which coalesce with other globules, increase in size and buoyancy, then break away to rise through the tubes to the top. Surface oil drains by gravity into a rotary pipe skimmer for discharge to a storage facility.

Performance Expectations of the CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator

1. Removal of oil globules down to 20-micron size
2. Reduction of oil content to 10mg/ltr/10ppm

The CVF removes even non-permanent mechanically emulsified oil. It leaves no visible sheen and traps solids too. In metalworking and similar applications, it removes more than 99% of tramp oils from coolants.

The CVF incorporates a molded fiberglass construction. Internally reinforced, the structure withstands severe soil and hydraulic loadings.

The entire exterior surface is covered with corrosion-resistant gelcoat, integrally-colored and ultraviolet resistant. Since the envelope and fittings are corrosion-resistant, the separator can be installed in many hostile environments. No sacrificial protection required.

Benefits of the CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator

  • More efficient separation
  • Flow rates: 5-100 GPM
  • Low heat transfer, less than 1.0 U factor
  • Corrosion- resistant FRP construction
  • Pre-engineered, prepackaged, ready to install
  • Self-contained, no power source required
  • Built-in oil storage (optional)

CVF Vertical Tube Coelescing Separator – Applications

  • Airports and aircraft services
  • Transportation and equipment wash pads
  • Electric utilities and power plants
  • Environmental remediation
  • Military and government facilities
  • Petroleum marketing facilities
  • Railroad yards
  • Petroleum and other fueling facilities
  • Oil storage areas
  • Treatment of industrial process wastewater
  • Bilge water accumulated in ships

Model #






CVF-2.5A-82-5-S-05 GPM82600AboveView PDF
CVF-3A-159-10-S-010 GPM1591000AboveView PDF
CVF-4A-305-20-S-020 GPM3052350AboveView PDF
CVF-4F-305-20-S-020 GPM3052350FlushView PDF
CVF-5A-660-50-S-050 GPM6604900AboveView PDF
CVF-5F-660-50-S-050 GPM6604900FlushView PDF
CVF-5A-807-100-S-0100 GPM8075700AboveView PDF
CVF-5F-807-100-S-0100 GPM8075700FlushView PDF

AFL CVF Vertical Tube Coalescing Separator

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