3M LifeASSURE BDA Filter Cartridges

3M LifeASSURE  BDA Series Filter Cartridges are designed to help bottled water and other beverage processors meet the highest standards for microorganism control. Combined with the 3M range of particle control and pre-filtration filter cartridges, these cartridges offer bottlers a solution for rigorous contaminant control while maintaining long service life and low operating costs.

Durable Design
3M LifeASSURE BDA Series filter membrane and cartridge design innovations result in a highly durable filter cartridge, capable of secure operation through numerous cycles of hot water sanitation, steam sterilization, and chemical based cleaning and sanitation.

Highly Asymmetric BDA Membrane
3M LifeASSURE BDA Series filters incorporate a novel dual-layer membrane with a high degree of asymmetry. When viewed in cross-section, the membrane contains larger pores on the upstream surface that gradually taper to smaller pores towards the downstream surface. Compared with conventional membranes with a symmetric pore structure, this structure provides greater contaminant capacity, since it presents greater open spaces (void volume) in which to retain these contaminants. This increase in capacity leads directly to longer service life. In addition, the asymmetric structure provides less resistance to flow, resulting in a lower pressure drop when compared at a constant flow rate to competitive filters, allowing a user to employ fewer 3M™ LifeASSURE BDA series filters for any given flow rate.

Advanced Pleat Technology Design
3M™ LifeASSURE BDA Series filters feature Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) design for extended service life. This design technology helps to maximize the useful surface area of the filter while maintaining open flow paths between the media pleats. By employing the APT design, the 3M™ LifeASSURE BDA Series filter provides lower pressure drops, longer service life, and lower overall operational costs.

Novel Media Support Design
3M LifeASSURE BDA Series filter cartridges employ a design that results in higher beverage flow versus pressure drop compared with competitive filters. This 3M Purification development combines the high flowing 3M LifeASSURE BDA series filter membrane with special support layers upstream and downstream of the membrane. When combined with the previously mentioned APT, this feature greatly increases flow per cartridge, and results in lower overall operational costs.

Features of 3M LifeASSURE BDA Filter Cartridges

  • Validated 0.2 μm absolute rated membrane for reliable sterilizing filtration
  • Asymmetric dual-layer polyether sulfone membrane provides exceptionally high capacity and service life to help maximize economy
  • The Advanced Pleat Technology Construction results in superior fluid and contaminant access to filter surface area for greatest service life and flow rates
  • All materials are CFR 21 listed and are compliant with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 to ease regulatory concerns
Brand LifeASSURE™
Filter Type Surface
Industries Industrial
Micron Rating 0.2 Absolute, @95%
Product Series BDA
Units per Case 6

3M LifeASSURE BDA Filter Cartridges

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3M LifeASSURE BDA Filter Cartridges

Size: 2 MB

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