3M CUNO DDS Self Cleaning Edge Filters are designed for maximum economy where the required flow capacity is low. The DDS filter is cleanable without interruption of flow by one turn of the cleaning handle. The sump and head are sealed by induction brazing. A drain is provided for reduction of sludge.

Filter Capacity
3M CUNO DDS Self Cleaning Edge Filters flow rates are based on clean fluid at 3 psi pressure drop. Flows at other viscosities are approximately proportional. Select a spacing (degree of filtration) according to the nature and concentration of the contaminant to be reduced.

Free Area
Viscosity in SSU
Flow in GPM
100 300 700 2000
0.003 200 1.0 2.6 1.7 0.9 0.53
0.005 120 1.6 3.5 2.4 1.4 0.80
0.008 70 2.2 4.5 3.1 1.9 1.10

Edge Filter (EF) Theory of Operation

The CUNO EF series self cleaning metal filter cartridge is an assembled unit composed of a stack of alternating metal discs and spacers of uniform thickness on a rotatable metal shaft. The thickness of the spacer determines the degree of filtration. 3M CUNO DDS EF series self cleaning metal filter is available in spacings from 0.003″ to  0.008″.

Cleaning blades are mounted on a stationary rod adjacent to the cartridge stack and extend into the openings between the discs. Turning the cartridge handle rotates the disc and spacer assembly past
the fixed cleaner blades. By rotating the cartridge,in either direction, the particles lodged between the discs are positively reduced or “combed” from the surface with out interruption of flow. Drain the sump as often as experience indicates is necessary.


3M CUNO DDS Self Cleaning Edge Filters Features & Benefits

All Brass Materials

  • Durable Construction for long service life
  • Economical solution to long term filtration needs

Positive Cleaning Action with No Interruption of Flow or Service

  • Maximizes process up-time

Cleanable Filter Element

  • Reduces used filter disposal


3M CUNO DDS Self Cleaning Edge Filters

3M CUNO DDS Self Cleaning Edge Filters


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