3M Betafine DP Series Filters

3M Betafine DP series pleated polypropylene filters are available with absolute ratings from 0.2 to 70 microns. The all polypropylene filter is used extensively on corrosive and non-corrosive process fluids where broad chemical compatibility is required.

The vast surface area of the pleated filter matrix provides increased flow, high contaminant loading capacity and low initial pressure drop. This construction permits the use of smaller housings and reduced capital expenditure. 3M Betafine DP series filter cartridges are available in lengths to 40″ with a wide variety of end modifications to fit most filter housing designs.

Filter Capsules
3m Betafine DP series filter capsules are designed for critical, small volume filter applications in the coatings, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics markets. They contain
pleated, absolute-rated, polypropylene filter media providing excellent retention of particles at fast flow rates.

Betafine DP series filter cartridges are ideally suited for high flow, low viscosity fluids.

Flow Rates
The 3M Betafine DP series filter cartridge construction is optimized to obtain the highest flow rates while maintaining the defined particle

Features & Benefits of 3M Betafine DP Filters

Precision Engineered, Absolute Rated, Pleated Filter

  • Consistent, repeatable filtration, improving effluent quality
  • Help provide consistent performance

Pleated Media for Greater Surface Area

  • Longer service life compared to non-pleated media
  • Less down time due to fewer filter change-outs
  • Lower total filtration operating costs

High Flow Rates with Lower Pressure Drops

  • Exceptional throughput, reduced processing time and reduced processing costs

Thermally Bonded, 100% Polypropylene Construction

  • Broad chemical and thermal compatibility
  • No media migration

FDA, CFR 21 Listed Materials of Construction

  • Suitable for a broad range of applications, including food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications

Filter Capsules Offer

  • Sanitary vent and drain valves for ease of use
  • Compact design with a variety of end connections

3M Betafine DP Series filters offer superior chemical resistance and durability in demanding process applications.

  • Coatings:  Maintaining high quality in feed streams and intermediates.
  • Electronics:  RO/DI prefiltration, electroplating baths, process/rinse water, solvent, specialty coatings.
  • Food & Beverage:  Potable water, process and blending water, and diatomaceous earth trap filtration in food and beverage applications.
  • Pharmaceutical:  Prefiltration, final filtration of process water, air and gas prefiltration, chemical intermediates, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, and solvents.
  • Industrial Process:  Filtration of intermediates, fine chemicals,and photographic chemicals, reagent grade chemicals, high purity chemicals, oil and gas processing, secondary water filtration, and process gases.

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