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E/One Grinder Pump Station Reduces Costs for Trailer Park Wastewater Collection System

Trailer Park Wastewater Collection System Using E/One Pre-Packaged Submersible Pump Station

The Challenge

The Customer was looking to drastically increase their mobile home site's population. They were using a conventional sewage lagoon, and the increase in population would have overwhelmed the current system. Expanding the lagoon size would take up valuable property and increase the park’s operational expenses and regulatory responsibilities. A possible solution was to install a trailer park wastewater collection system designed around a single pump station to deliver the wastewater to a treatment plant about 1 km away.

The Solution

Our Application Expert knew that the solution would require a pump that could deliver a low flow at a relatively high head while pumping a solids-laden wastewater – not an easy application for most pumps. They selected a four-pump E/One pre-packaged submersible pump station – a semi-positive displacement grinder pump that would develop a relatively consistent flow rate at high heads.

The Results

  • Reduced Service & Maintenance Costs
  • Installation Savings

Technology Utilized

Environment/One’s Four-Pump Pre-Packaged Submersible Pump Station – Model WH484 consists of four Extreme Series Grinder Pumps inside an open wet-well tank. The Grinder Pumps, Motor Controls and Level-Sensing are integrated into a compact unit, easily removed for service.

How E/One Four-Pump Pre-Packaged Submersible Pump Station Works

  • Solids are ground into fine particles that pass quickly through the pump, check valve and small-diameter pipelines – even objects not typically found in sewage, such as plastic, rubber, fibre, wood, etc.
  • The 1/4” discharge connection can be adapted to piping materials meeting local code requirements. The internal check valve assembly in the grinder pump is custom designed for non-clog, trouble-free operation.
  • The grinder pump is automatically activated and runs for concise periods. The electrical consumption of the grinder pump is low and will vary with actual water consumption.


Trailer Park Wastewater Collection System

Trailer Park Wastewater Collection System


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