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Wilden Brahma Pumps for Mine Dewatering at Gold Mine Site

Mine Dewatering at a Gold Mine Site with Wilden Brahma Pumps

The Challenge

The customer used 2” Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps for their mine dewatering application at their gold mine site. The solid content in the water was causing the ball check valves not to sit; this hold-up caused the pump to stall out, which halted production.

The Solution

Our pump application expert met with the customer to investigate their challenges. It was determined that the ball check pump that was being used could not handle some solids larger than 1”. They recommended the T810 – this 2” Wilden BRAHMA Flapper Pump can pass 2” solids, use fewer parts, and since the flapper opens and closes like a door, there is reduced wear.

The Results

  • Improved Uptime
  • Reduced Service & Maintenance Costs

Technology Utilized

How it Works

  • With the flap-valve design with a large internal clearance and a flow-through wetted path, the Brahma offers a large-solids capacity that prevents the pump from clogging.
  • Designed for top inlet and bottom discharge, pushing solids directly out and protecting the pump when solids settle. Can handle suction lifts up to 7.6 m (25.0′) Dry and 9.3 m (30.6′) Wet.


Mine Dewatering with a Wilden Brahma Pump

Mine Dewatering with a Wilden Brahma Pump


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