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Energy Efficient Heatless Dryer

Energy Efficient Heatless Dryer for Instrumentation Air – Combats Moisture From Varying Compressed Air Dew-point

The Challenge

A Hot Rolled Steel Manufacturer was encountering problems with moisture in their air lines causing instrumentation failure and premature maintenance requirements. The moisture was caused by a varying compressed air dew-point from summer to winter. Our expert was given a strict budget and asked to come up with a solution that included an energy efficient heatless dryer.

The Solution

Our application expert met with the Customer and evaluated the existing design and concluded that the dryer was not suited to operate in summer conditions. Our expert presented a seminar to the client and employees describing the limitation of the existing unit and cost calculations for alternatives. A Heatless Dryer with upgrade potential to Heat Reactivated was selected. This unit was within budget constraints and the problem of moisture in the air lines was eliminated.

The Result

  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Reduction in  Maintenance Costs

Technology utilized

  • Heatless Dryer
  • 2500CHA complete with Pre and After Filter
  • 15% Compressed Air Purge Rate
  • Highest Design Reliability
  • Longest Desiccant Life Design
  • ADC Advanced Dryer Controls Monitor Moisture Load to Maximize Purge Loss Heatless Dryer Technology can be modified to Heat Reactivated eliminating Purge and preventing the need to purchase additional compressors

How It Works

  • Compressed Saturated Air Enters the Dryer and -40° F Dewpoint Air Exits
  • 15% Purge Rate (Back Wash)
  • – 40° F Dewpoint Purge @ 100 PSI Expanded to 0 PSI Converts to -70° F Dewpoint
  • – 70° F Dewpoint Purge Air is Dryer than Moisture Content on Desiccant and therefore Desiccant Regeneration takes place

Every facility has differing application needs and usage demands, but selecting the right dryer for the situation will have a significant impact on energy savings and efficiencies.

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Heatless Dryer for Instrumentation Air

Heatless Dryer for Instrumentation Air


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