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Custom Easy To Clean Spray Header

Custom Easy To Clean Spray Header for a Quick and Easy Nozzle Clean-Out


A paper mill was facing a production and safety challenge with an inefficient spray header that was used to spray chemical onto paper during production. When the nozzles would plug, production would shut down for cleaning for long periods of time and rather than shut down production, the operators could potentially try to clean the nozzles while the machine was running. The customer wanted to eliminate excess production disruption as well as the potential risk involved with nozzle cleaning and change-outs.


Our spray application expert worked with the customer and recommended a pipe-in-pipe spray header. The spray header is designed to slide out of the machine while the machine is still running and after the fluid supply is turned off. The spray header would then be moved to a safe location for the operator to clean and change-out the nozzles. The spray header is fitted with quick-connect nozzles that can be changed in seconds without tools. These quick-connect nozzles align themselves automatically with the spray header every time a nozzle is changed. This feature reduces replacement time by 80% and prevents machine shutdown.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Productivity
  • Elimination of Potential Safety Risks
  • Improved Product Quality


John Brooks Custom Built Pipe-In-Pipe Spray Header 1” SCH 160 Inner Pipe | 2.5 SCH 40 Outer Pipe

Quick-Connect Spray Nozzles | 110° Flat Spray


  • Turn off the Fluid Supply to the Spray Header
  • Slide out the Inner Spray Header from the Outer Pipe
  • Change the Nozzle Tip by twisting the Tip Counter-Clockwise 90°
  • Insert a New Nozzle Tip into the Quick-Connect Nozzle Body by twisting the Tip Clockwise 90°
  • Slide the Inner Spray Header back into the Outer Pipe
  • Turn on the Fluid Supply to the Spray Header

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Custom Easy to Clean Spray Header for Quick and Easy Nozzle Clean-out

Custom Easy to Clean Spray Header for Quick and Easy Nozzle Clean-out


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