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Vaughan Chopper Pump Reduces Clogging in Blood Pit Pumping in Slaughterhouse

Blood Pit Pumping in a Turkey Slaughterhouse with a Vaughan Chopper Pump

The Challenge

The customer used an AOD pump to empty their blood pit in a turkey slaughterhouse. The AOD pump used for blood pit pumping would clog multiple times with feathers during a shift and struggled to prime on the blood. The

AOD pump was designed to handle some solids, but the long feathers were causing problems. The existing setup also included a suction lift which can be a problem with blood.

The Solution

Our pump application expert needed to find a pump that could be installed in the pit and could overcome the challenges with the solids and priming on blood. They chose the Vaughan chopper pump with a vertical configuration.

The Results

  • Reduced Clogging
  • Improved Uptime
  • Reduced Service & Maintenance Costs

Technology Utilized

Vaughan Chopper Pump 

How Blood Put Pumping Works

  • The volute, impeller and chopping components are submerged in the fluid.
  • When the pump is called for, the feathers are chopped small enough to pass through the existing 2.5” discharge pipe to a holding tank – no need for priming or suction lines.


Blood Pit Pumping with a Vaughan Chopper Pump

Blood Pit Pumping with a Vaughan Chopper Pump


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