Vogelsang R Series

The Classic Robust Liquid Manure Pump for Agriculture

In agriculture, liquid manure needs to be pumped out of deep pits or into tankers, so that the organic fertilizer can then be spread onto fields. These tasks demand pumps that are sturdy and flexible, which is exactly what Vogelsang offers in the R series. These are the classic Vogelsang liquid manure pumps. Because they can be used flexibly in agriculture, with their reversible flow direction and their compact design, the R series pumps have been winning over Vogelsang customers for decades.

The R series is available in three models:

  • R116: The classic liquid manure pump for occasional work on the farm conveys up to 4,500 l/min at pressures of up to 5 bar.
  • R136: This sturdy and flexible rotary lobe pump has a capacity of up to 5,000 l/min and pumps liquid manure against pressures of up to 5 bar.
  • RP: Thanks to its QuickService design, this flexible liquid manure pump offers even more: service work and rotary lobe changes have never been quicker and easier. It also pumps liquid manure at up to 5,000 l/h and pressures of up to 5 bar.

With the R Series, Vogelsang offers sturdy yet powerful pump technology for simple liquid manure technology applications. These rotary lobe pumps have a double bearing, a generously dimensioned shaft diameter and a basic selection of sizes, rotary lobes and materials. The offset arrangement of the rotary lobes ensures that the pump runs with low pulsation. The rotary lobe pumps in the R series have proven themselves especially as classic pumps for liquid manure. The Vogelsang option for reliable use is not only highly resistant to dry running, the R series also allows priming even from deep pits. The reversible flow direction reduces the number of pipes on the tanker, as the rotary lobe pump can be used both on the tanker and as a mobile unit on a base. As a result, this liquid manure pump can be used flexibly throughout the entire farm. These basic properties make the R series rotary lobe pump an ideal liquid manure pump for agricultural applications.


  • Lobe Variety:  With our extensive selection of lobe geometry and materials, we will find the right long-life lobe for your media, e.g. NBR, NBR white, SBR, EPDM-SL, EPDM-AL, EPDM white, CSM, FKM, PU, stainless steel or nitrided steel. The lobes can be produced in a straight, double-wing geometry or as 3-wing; 4-wing or 6-wing, pulsation-free HiFlo lobes.
  • Material Variety:  Alongside the standard model in abrasion-resistant gray cast iron, versions in stainless steel are stocked as well. Other options for customization include heat treatment and wear-resistant coatings for the wear plates and housing components.
  • Axial Wear Plates:  Axial wear plates are made from highly wear-resistant special steel and therefore extend maintenance intervals. They offer protection for the entire pump chamber and therefore not only simplify maintenance, but also minimize downtime. At the same time costs are minimized.


  • InjectionSystem:  The InjectionSystem significantly improves the foreign-matter resistance of the pump. It increases the efficiency and improves the suction capacity through optimized volumetric efficiency. Thanks to the InjectionSystem the service life of the pump is extended. Field trials prove a longer period of up to 2.5 times.

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Vogelsang R Series Rotary Lobe Pump

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