Tuthill L Series Lubrication Pump

Tuthill L Series Lubrication Pump

L series pumps are precisely machined and assembled with only two moving parts, so they achieve and retain their reliability over a wider range of viscosities than alternative pump designs. They are also available with Tuthill’s unique reversing feature, as well as mounting, driving and sealing options to suit all your applications.


LE   Series Pump Specifications
ModelUSGPMNominal   Flow RateL/MINNominal   Flow Rate
30LE.5@1800 RPM1.9@1800 RPM
00LE1.0@1800 RPM3.8@1800 RPM
0LE1.8@1800 RPM6.8@1800 RPM
1LE3.0@1800 RPM11.4@1800 RPM
2LE5.6@1800 RPM21.2@1800 RPM
5LE*13.0@1800 RPM49.2@1800 RPM

Pressures to 500 PSI (34.4 bar)
Temperatures to 475°F (246°C)
Viscosities from 32 SSU to 5000 SSU (1 to 1078 cst)
For speeds above 1800 RPM and/or viscosities above 5000 SSU consult factory.
*Pressures to 300 psi (20.7 bar)

Features & Benefits:

– Lubrication
– Fluid Transfer
– Filtration
– Fuel Oil
– Oil Burner Feed
– Compressor
– Refrigerators
– Gear Boxes
– Transmissions
– Engines

– Internal gear pump design
– Compact and flexible drive options
– Available with Tuthill’s Reversing Feature
– Flow rates to 13.7 usgpm (3m3/hr)
– Pressures to 500 psi (34.5 bar)
– Standard with single mechanical seal
– Cast iron construction

– Internal gear cartridge pump design
– Compact design mounts directly to OEM equipment
– Multiple porting and driving options
– Flow rates to 6 usgpm (1.4m3/hr)
– Pressures to 150 psi (10.3 bar)
– Cast iron construction

Tuthill LF & RF Series Pumps


Cartridge Pump Specifications
LF/RF Series
ModelPort SizeFlow Capacity (max)Speed (max)
00LF /   00RF1/4″1/8″.9 gpm3.4 lpm1800   RPM
0LF /   0RF1/4″1/8″1.7 gpm6.4 lpm1800   RPM
1LF /   1RF1/4″1/8″2.0 gpm7.5 lpm1800   RPM
1R1Fn/a1/4″2.5 gpm9.4 lpm1800   RPM
LF/RF Series
00LFD /   00RFD*0.37″1/2″.9 gpm3.4 lpm1800   RPM
0LFD /   0RFD*0.37″1/2″1.7 gpm6.4 lpm1800   RPM
1LFD /   1RFD*0.37″1/2″3.0 gpm11.3   lpm1800   RPM
2LFD /   2RFD*1″1″6 gpm22.7   lpm1800   RPM

*Reversing Model

LF RF Series Picture

Features & Benefits:

– Lubrication

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